Who Are We

Established in early 2000, Effektiv has earned many accolades in the supply of key process equipment for key environmental protection projects. These include the supply of process systems in the areas of AIR, WATER, WASTE WATER and SOLID WASTE Management.

what is our mission

Our mission is to protect our fragile environment through close cooperation with leading firms with the state of art technology. We strive to provide the market with sound and proven environmental products and systems that will meet or surpass current standards.

What is our goal

To become a market leader in the field of environmental systems, EFFEKTIV will continually search for better ways to protect the environment. We will place a great deal of emphasis on our customers’ needs and to provide dedicated support.

What we do best

Throughout your project execution, you can depend on our fullest support and renowned “EFFEKTIV” service to see you through the entirety of your project.


What we do

Activated Carbon . Aerator . Bag House Filters . Blowers . Clarifiers . Conveyors . Diffusers . ElectroStatic Precipitator . Flushing System . Incinerators . Mixers . Penstocks . Pumps . Odour Treatment . Water Treatment Systems . Screens . Sludge Dryer . Static Mixer . Valves . Voltage Controller . Vortex Separator . oZone System